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 God forbid I didn't want to have to do this....

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God forbid I didn't want to have to do this.... Empty
PostSubject: God forbid I didn't want to have to do this....   God forbid I didn't want to have to do this.... Icon_minitimeThu Nov 05, 2009 6:51 am

Okay. Let's cut to the chase. The only way we're going to be able to make this group a sucess, is to set out some guidelines for everyone to follow. This is to ensure that we can get the most out of us.

1. You need to keep deadlines as much as humanly possible.
The most simple and effective of rules. Deadlines are set for a reason. It means we get to get over one phase and move on to the next. It gets boring for eveyone if we're constantly having to wait around for people who have missed the deadline. Look at our last singles, and how much time there was between them. I know you guys miss recording and the excitement of putting a song out just as much as I do, so let's make a huge effort.

2. If you can't keep a deadline, tell me.
I really need you to do this in advance. If you tell me, I can tell whoever is mixing. That way we can arrange an extension, or we can get someone else to cover your lines.

3. 3 Strikes and out.
If you don't say anything before the deadline, and just whistle along here in your own merry time, irrespective of everyone else in the group, you'll get a warning. A warning, is basically a cut in activity. I don't care if you're the best singer in the group, each time you get a warning, I will reduce the amount of lines you get in the main single and your sub group if you're in one. It's not fair that others work hard, and you still all get treated equally. If you manage to make it up on the next song, then you may have your lines back, and your warning resets to 0. Once you reach your 3rd warning in a row, everyone in the group will vote on whether they still want you or not. It's not my group alone, we're all in this together, so you guys should get just as much of a say as I do in these matters. This won't count if you have a genuine reason, since stuff outside of the internet happens, we all know that.

4. Covering.
If someone can't hand thier lines for whatever reason, and it is okay by them, we will arrange a cover. This will basically mean, someone else in the group will record those missing lines. Generally this will have to be someone who can do them quickly (depending on how close to the deadline we are). Anyone can volunteer to do this.

5. Speaking of volunteers.
I'm considering starting a kenkyuusei kind of group. They will basically assist in things like backing vocals, covering, Stages work, etc etc. They will also have a chance to debut to the main group.

I don't want to sound like Hitler or anything, that's not the aim. The aim is to put out good quality songs, whilst having some fun, singing songs by artists we love. But that's the whole point. We NEED to actually get some work done to make this all happen.
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God forbid I didn't want to have to do this....
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