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 Trading Thread Guide

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PostSubject: Trading Thread Guide   Trading Thread Guide Icon_minitimeSat Feb 13, 2010 4:36 am

Okay, so you've obtained some cards. What now? Well, you can create a thread in this forum, and put all of the cards you have collected so far in there.

This allows people to view what you have, and ask for a trade. Remember the aim is to try and master an entire series.

To make it easier for everyone viewing, organise your thread into 5 sections:

1st: Collecting.
These are the series you are interested in collecting. They are also the ones you are least likely to trade, unless you have more than one of some cards.

2nd: Future
Series you might want to collect in the future. These cards, you might be willing to trade away if someone was offering a card in one of your current collections.

3rd: Keepers
Individual cards from any sets that you just feel like keeping.

4th: Trading
Any cards you want to get rid of.

5th: Trades in progress
Put cards that you have offered to other people under here, so no-one else can ask for them.

I hope that makes sense

Just doing it by heading should work i.e


more cards

you get the idea/
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Trading Thread Guide
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