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 The ideas, suggestions and complaints center.

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PostSubject: The ideas, suggestions and complaints center.   Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:46 am

I've often said I don't want to feel like I'm totally monopolizing this group, however, when you guys don't communicate what you want, or how you want it done, it kind of leaves me with no other option.

So I've created this little piece of the forum, where you can give as expected, your ideas for future things we could do, or expand on ideas I've had. If there's something I've done you don't like you can discuss it, and likewise, it's nice to know what I'm doing right so I can keep doing it into the future. Even if it's just a question you want to ask, please go ahead!

If you have something to say, create a new thread for it, so all issues can be tackled individually. Make sure the title is nice and clear, and do your best to articulate properly.

I know some of you aren't native english speakers, so I'll be patient with that. What I won't tolerate however, is rudeness. I know there are some things that you might not like, but us giving attitude to each other won't get anything sorted.
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The ideas, suggestions and complaints center.
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